My First ShoeMiracle

Sometimes I think my greatest love affair of all has been with shoes. Frankly, sometimes it’s my only love affair. I still remember my first ShoeMiracle They were on a pair of burgundy suede Christian Louboutin Babel boots. I had been watching them on Bluefly for months. At the time they were still too expensive and I just couldn’t take the plunge. But there was a clearance sale and an additional markdown and an extra 20% off. But there still was the matter of the size. They were a 41 but Louboutins tend to run very small and there was the matter of my calves. I already need to get most boots stretched to accommodate them. What to do….what to do. I decided to pull the trigger and just get them! I had them delivered to the office. In case they didn’t fit, I wanted to turn around send them right back. A few days later they arrived. I remember my assistant asking what was in the box. I told her only the most heavenly boots ever. She pushed me to try them on so she could see. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not in front of her. I was so distressed about them fitting that I couldn’t bear to have a witness to my heartbreak if they didn’t. The office cleared out most days around 7. It was only then that I peaked out and around to see who might still be lingering. The coast was clear. So I pulled the box out from under my desk and there they were. Pure perfection!


Now to try them on. I started out with my larger foot first because if they didn’t work on that foot, there was no hope. I slipped my foot in and they fit and they were comfortable. Now could I get them zippered up over my calf. Turns out there was a little stretch at the top of the boot. I got zippered all the way up…qu’est que c’est….now for the left. It went on with even more ease. I now know how Cinderella must have felt except there was no prince. Just me and my beautiful burgundy suede Loubies. These boots were my very first ShoeMiracle. For those of you who don’t know what a ShoeMiracle is. A ShoeMiracle is when you come across that perfect shoe that you immediately fall in love with and the shoe gods see fit that those shoes end up in your closet no matter what the obstacle (price, fit, etc.). I have sense gone on to have coat miracles, bag miracles etc. but I have to admit that none are as satisfying as a ShoeMiracle. I look forward to sharing my love of shoes and my ShoeMiracles with you through this blog.

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