The beginning of a great love affair….

Last week I went to London and Paris for a bit of a winter break.  Anyone who knows me is very aware (and perhaps also the customs officer who took note of my previous stamps from Paris) that I adore Paris.  It’s one of my favorite cities in the world.  I love to wander around the city and take in all that it has to offer  – which of course includes great food and shopping.  This visit was no different.  I went to some of my favorite shops and  Italian restaurant in Le Marais.


This visit I also had the opportunity to visit the Francesco Russo salon.  If you have been reading any of my posts lately, you know that I am crushing really hard on his shoe designs right now.  My heart sank a little when I arrived at the shop with my girlfriend only to see a “Be back in 30 minutes” note in the window.  It was almost 4:00 in the afternoon, so we decided to grab a late lunch and return because not visiting the salon was not an option. In hindsight, it was probably best that we had a rest and fueled up a bit because I certainly needed all of my strength for all of the awesomeness that awaited me.


The salon, the shoes, everything was just beautiful. But the best part was of course trying on the shoes.  I read awhile ago that Russo wanted to create a true luxury experience when he created his salon so I was instantly intrigued.  I have had numerous debates with luxury retail execs about the luxury shopping experience in this day and age of social media and online shopping.  This discussion is another post in and of itself.  But Russo succeeds in creating that experience here.  In fact, I didn’t want to leave.  The saleswoman gave me a long pair of beautiful silk stockings (not just the normal peds used at most places including a lot of luxury stores) to use as I tried on the shoes because of course I was not wearing any socks because I kind of detest them.


Anyways, I came looking for a pair of sandals from the Spring/Summer line.  However, unlike in the US where sandals are everywhere they were not out in many shops in Paris yet.  So I settled on trying on some of the booties.  I loved them all but I settled on a pair of black suede booties that remind me of a jester’s shoe.  They have a lattice detail up the front with a hint of exposure and have leather trip all around the top. Swoon! They are simply exquisite but take a look for yourself. I can’t wait to wear them and already have an entire look in my head.  More importantly, I will be sure to wear them with a beautiful pair of silk stockings.


If you find yourself in Paris, do yourself a favor and get to 8 Rue de Valois.  I think any lover of shoes would be remiss in not experiencing the Francesco Russo salon. The shoes are not over the top but simply beautiful.  Mr. Russo has figured out how to combine luxurious elements and details into elegant shoes.

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