Amazon acquires technology startup Shoefitr

imageAmazon, Inc. recently acquired tech startup Shoefitr, Inc.  Shoefitr, Inc. started in 2010 and based in Pittsburgh, is an online fitting platform that shows customers how a shoe fits and recommends a shoe size.  Shoefitr uses 3D technology which scans the inside of a shoe and tells shoppers how a particular shoe will fit and recommends the best fit.  Shoppers are also able enter in a particular shoe and the technology can recommend shoes with a similar fit.

The goal of the technology is to reduce the significant amount of returns and misfits that plague online retailers of shoes.  According to Shoefitr, their technology can reduce the number of returns by up to 25% which is huge for e-commerce retailers.  It also explains why this acquisition probably was so attractive to Amazon, especially as it continues it push into shoes.

Shoefitr has relationships with Nordstrom and Cole Haan, as well as, a number of athletic footwear brands and retailers.  So it remains to be seen how this acquisition will impact those relationships.  I imagine these relationships are probably in a little jeopardy.  In any event, it will be great to watch the evolution of this technology and similar technologies.

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