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One major lesson to be learned from the Cannes Film Festival – never wear flats to a film screening. The Festival’s dress code requires men to wear black tie with black shoes and women wear fashionable footwear (which most obviously have interpreted to mean high heels).  Staffers enforced that strict dress code when they turned away a group of middle-aged women from the screening of “Carol” because they were wearing flats.

Asif Kapadia, director of the Amy Winehouse documentary, also confirmed that his wife was prevented from entering the screening of “Amy” because she wasn’t wearing heels. She was eventually given the go ahead and let in.  But imagine being turned away from a screening of your husband’s movie because of your footwear.

I love heels as much as the next person and I am often trolling red carpet pics to see who wore the most amazing shoes. But this seems a bit over the top to me.  It’s just not that serious.

Flatgate has gained considerable traction over the last few days so I expect there will be some considerable backlash as there should be.

In the meantime, attendees can take a lesson from the ladies in NYC who travel in flats but carry heels in their bags.

3 thoughts on “Flatgate

  1. What kind of shoe (brand) would you recommend to someone who doesn’t normally wear high heels but needs a pair in her closet for the times she does need to grab them for an occasion here and there. Are platforms with the heels in or is that out? I just want a pair of classic heels that are comfortable and won’t go out of style. Please help!


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