It’s that time of year again

It is that time of year again.   It feels like the sales are starting a bit earlier this year.   But maybe that is because Memorial Day Weekend is earlier this year.  This is the time of year when just about all of spring/summer items go on sale.  I released some tips around Black Friday sales that I thought were worth sharing again.

Shoemiracle - sale - season - tips

Presale – This is probably the most civilized way to shop the sales. If you have a relationship with a salesperson at any department or shoe store ask them when the store begins pre-selling items that will be on sale. Frankly, you should ask even if you don’t have a relationship. Then select what you like and the salesperson will ring them when the sale starts. No fighting, no fuss.

Set up a Wish List – Most online sites have a wish list function so for pete’s sake use it. Add the shoes you want to your wish list and once the sale actually starts simply add them to your cart and checkout. This will prevent you from going through all of the sale items and making any unnecessary purchases. This is an extremely useful tip when shopping the Net-a-Porter sale. If the site doesn’t have a wish list, adding items to your cart can be just as useful. Just be careful because some sites will erase your carts. But most don’t and it is worth taking the chance to get the shoes you want.

Hit the Store – Yes I know there are going to be some of you who just can’t help yourselves and must go in for the kill and hit up the sales in person. If you must, try to go during hours that won’t be as busy. Early mornings can be good unless you are going the first day of sale. Think the line outside Bergdorfs on the first day of the shoe sale. Avoid lunchtime like the plague because every other woman has the same idea. Instead of your late afternoon coffee break, go shoe shopping instead. The rush you get will be better than a cup of coffee I promise. My ultimate favorite time to go is an hour or so before closing. Most stores have cleared out by then and you can peruse the sale racks without having to wrestle that perfect shoe away from another shoppers.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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