ShoeMiracles can happen at conferences too

shoe-miracle-manolo-blahnikI started hosting Easter lunch for my friends a few years back. This past year, my most fashionable friend showed up dressed to the nines and wearing the most beautiful pink suede shoes. Of course, I was running around barefoot wearing an apron. Her shoes were so beautiful that I almost hated having her remove them. But my house is a shoeless household. Seeing them hanging out by the door every time I went to let in another arriving guest did give me great pleasure. I was able to take a mental picture over and over again.
Anyways, while it was love at first sight, I figured I would never be able to find them anywhere because not only is my girlfriend fashionable but she is infamous for finding all of her beautiful things on sale. In fact, one year we met up in Paris to shop the sales and she arrived with her suitcase already overflowing with sale items from Italy.

So imagine my surprise when I took a stroll to Manolo Blahnik during a break from the Blogher conference last week and there they were. They were on sale and there was only one pair left which were my size. Of course, they fit perfectly. The crazy thing in all of this was that I went to the Manolo sale on the very first day and struck out. Struck out like walking out with no shoes and I didn’t even see these shoes. Major oversight on my part of course. So the only explanation for these shoes being there almost 2 weeks later after the sale starts is that they are a ShoeMiracle!

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