What are your shoe resolutions for 2016?

shoe-miracle-shoe-resolutionsSo I am just finalizing my shoe resolutions or my intentions which seems to be the latest buzzword. Even though it is still early January, it feels like I am running late for some reason.  I totally planned to send these out last week but I was kind of sick. Not sure if my sickness was an extreme holiday hangover or a bonafide illness. But I am back on my feet so here goes.

This year’s resolutions kind of flow from what I learned trying to stick with last year’s resolutions. I think I was fairly successful. I finally got a pair of Valentino rockstuds which I love and are as comfortable as everyone says they would be. I even Kondo’d my closet (which I am now affectionately calling the “Great Purge”).  I even donated and sold a number of shoes.

1. First and foremost, purge at the end of every season. I have always done this with my clothing but never with my shoes and I am not sure why. At the end of August – I Kondo’d my closet and it was eye opening especially in the shoe department. I donated and/or sold about 20 pairs of shoes and I am still going. It was extremely overwhelming to do all it in one fell swoop. Thank goodness for the The RealReal, eBay and Tradesy for making selling so easy.

2. REALLY wear all of the shoes in my closet. During the Great Purge, I realized that I was getting rid of so many shoes that I had only worn a few times which was kind of annoying and heartbreaking at the same time.  So I will be doing my best in 2016 to get everything in the rotation.

3. Buy what you really love and are really going to wear!! I can’t stress this enough. This was another lesson I learned while Kondo’ing my closet. It is not enough to be in love with shoes when they are on the sale rack. You have to make sure you love them enough to wear them. Otherwise what is the point. Shoes are meant to be worn and loved. Not to collect dust in your closet. Plus, you will save yourself money in the long run.

4. Buy yourself a new pair of sneakers to help you achieve your best body in 2016 (Sorry I couldn’t resist borrowing this from Oprah and Weight Watchers).

Here’s to hoping that every little step you take makes 2016 your best year yet!

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