Wishlist Wednesday – Balmain Lilea Pumps

So I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who buys party attire in anticipation of all of the parties she is going to be invited to (yes you understood that correctly).  Whether these actual invites actually come through is another story.  Sometimes, I think she is scamming me and making up reasons to buy new things but I digress.   When I saw these shoes I couldn’t help but think of her and her many party invitations (real and alleged).  Especially since they are Balmain and Balmain simply screams party to me.  They come in different iterations but the purple velvet is by far my favorite and who doesn’t want a pair of purple party shoes.  So if you have any upcoming parties or you think your party invitation is in the mail or just one Paperless post email away, I suggest adding these pumps to your arsenal. You will be sure to wow and turn heads.


Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue

Wishlist Wednesday – Balmain Sandals

I have been stalking these shoes since they hit the runway last September.  I think I am most in love with the color.  I have always loved mustard yellow.  But beyond the color, they are simply sexy.  I mean sexy is Balmain’s specialty.  Unfortunately, I can’t find these shoes anywhere in any store on online shop which frankly is a real bummer.  Sometimes runway items don’t make it to production.  I pray that was not the fate of these shoes.  In the meantime, they are still nice to look at and dream about.