Wishlist Wednesday – Chanel Espadrilles

Yes today’s wish list pick is another pair of espadrilles. In my defense, I did tell you guys last week that I could literally buy a pair for each day of the week and then some. But these have to be the mother of all espadrilles. Ever since I saw this pic, I have been trying to rationalize how these shoes can be mine. I was also reminded that I need to figure out how I to get myself an alligator farm. I have been dreaming about opening an alligator farm ever since I read about a sustainable one in Bloomberg Magazine a few years ago. Yes I read Bloomberg magazine (I used to work in finance so don’t judge me) and yes, I actually dream about owning an alligator farm. Having an alligator farm would solve so many problems for me. But I digress. I so want, need and love these Chanel espadrilles.