Repeat after me….I deserve new shoes


Yes, you deserve you new shoes and I am here to help you.   There are a plethora of sample sales this week. All of the sales and the details are listed below.  Make sure you don’t miss out.


November 17th – November 19th

Tue—Wed 9am—6pm, Thu 9am—4pm

Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W 18th St (btwn 6th and 7th) Continue reading

Wishlist Wednesday – Charlotte Olympia Eugenie Sandals

I don’t know what I love more about these shoes…the croc effect (as you know I am a sucker for skins so this mock effect is right up my alley) or the gold adorned heels.  It frankly doesn’t matter because all of these elements come together to create the perfect shoe in my book.  Plus they have a chunky heel which means they will be comfy to wear.  I had to include pictures of both the front of the shoe and the back because the heel is amazing. I can’t wait to see these in person.  In the meantime, these photos will have to do.

shoe-miracle-charlotte-olympia-eugenie Continue reading

Wishlist Wednesday – Charlotte Olympia Croc Wedges

 I love a good wedge which is why this Charlotte Olympia crocodile stamped wedge caught my eye.  I am a fan of anything made in crocodile but obviously not the hefty prices that come along with crocodile.  Even though these shoes are stamped, they are still luxurious so sign me up.  They are available at Net-a-Porter for those of you so inclined to add them to your closet.


Charlotte Olympia Sample Sale – New York and London

Every week it seems there is a new shoe sale.  Well Charlotte Olympia is next up.  This week there will be sales in New York and London.  Olympia’s designs include memorable heels, as well as, an array of flats, boots and other accessories.  It is a sale that is definitely worth checking out.  Here are the details for all of the lucky ladies in New York and London who can manage to sneak away and check out the sale.  As always, happy shopping.


What are your shoe resolutions for 2015?

As everyone settles down and makes all kinds of New Year’s resolutions mostly around losing weight and getting fit, I thought maybe I should make some shoe resolutions this year.  I have never done shoe resolutions before but in past years they probably would have centered around just buying more shoes.  So here goes, here are my shoe resolutions for 2015:

1. Add more colorful shoes to my collection.  I can’t tell you how many variations of black shoes that I have.  Exotics, pony hair, patent leather, wedges, flats…you name I got it. I think these Charlotte Olympia mariachi pumps would be a perfect choice.

shoe - miracle - charlotte - olympia - mariachi

2. Finally buy a pair of Valentino rock stud pumps.  I have wanted a pair forever but have not been able to pull the trigger and the reason just seems silly now.  I haven’t been able to decide on what color to get so I haven’t purchased a pair.  So in 2015, I will bite the bullet and add a pair to my collection.

3. Attempt to wear all of the shoes in my closet.  Last year I made a resolution to wear everything in my closet before buying something new and it worked until maybe March but still it worked.  So this year I vow to try to wear all of the shoes in my closet.  I can’t promise that I won’t buy a pair before wearing them all especially since some of the shoes are more appropriate for spring and summer weather.  I like to think I have an awesome collection of shoes but sometimes I find I wear the same shoes over and over again.  I think I am going to start with these Alaïa suede cutout sandals.  I just need a party to wear them to…hint, hint.

shoe - miracle - alaia - suede - cutout - sandal

4. Purge.  So like all great love affairs, love affairs with shoes also come to an end. It doesn’t matter the reason.  So this year, I promise myself to purge all of the shoes in my closet that  I am not really in love with anymore.  Some of them will be sold on eBay.  Some will be donated to Dress for Success and to some lovely young ladies around prom time.   This way I can make room for new loves to enter my life.

5. Buy more.  After I am finished purging, there will be room in my closet so obviously I will need to fill it.  Besides, you can’t really go wrong with this resolution especially if the shoe fits and its on sale.  Its your duty to just buy it.

So, tell me what are your shoe resolutions for 2015?