Black Friday is so last week! – Updated

Shoemiracle - sale - season - tipsGuess who won’t be doing any work this morning?  You!  That’s who.  There are so many sales that is literally going to be impossible to focus on work this morning.  Do yourself a favor and ease into being back by grabbing a coffee and perusing the sales.  Here is the sale roundup!  This list will be updated periodically throughout the week.  You can thank me later.

Barneys –  Shoes are up to 40% off.

Bergdorf Goodman – Shoes are 30% off.  Contemporary shoes are an extra 20% off.

Bloomingdales – Most designer items including shoes are 40% off.

Bottega Veneta – Shoes are 50% off in store.  The sale has not started online yet.

Chloe – Shoes are discounted up to 30% off in-store.

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Wishlist Wednesday – M. Gemi Serata Sandal

I have been dying to get a pair of M. Gemi shoes ever since they came on the scene earlier this year with their luxury shoes made in Italy without the luxury price tag.   I have just been waiting for the right pair.  M. Gemi releases new shoes every week as opposed to doing one full collection each season.  So every week I check to see what new shoes they have released.  This week the Serata Sandal was released and I decided these were going to be my first pair.  Of course, when I go to the website to purchase them and the color that I wanted sold out in what feels like minutes.     So I guess I will just have to covet them from afar unless they magically become available in my size.


Photo: M. Gemi

Making Luxury Shoes Affordable


Photo: M. Gemi

Ben Fischer, the former CEO of Rue La La launched M. Gemi this week.  M. Gemi is an e-commerce company that sells luxury, hand-crafted footwear made by artisan designers from Italy at an affordable price.  M. Gemi’s joins the ranks of Everlane and Warby Parker with their direct-to-consumer business model.  The brand has found a way to make luxury shoes more affordable by developing partnerships with Italian craftsman and selling directly to the consumer.  New shoe designs, priced between $128 and $298, will launch every week and be retired after 90 days.  The brands first round of offerings do look appealing.  And who doesn’t love a bargain when it comes to shoes.  Will be interesting to see how the business develops.