Wishlist Wednesday – Gianvito Rossi Patchwork Wedge Sandals

There is a reason that my last few purchases have been Gianvito Rossi shoes.  For one thing, each pair is more amazing than the other and they are just sexy.  So it is no wonder that these wedges from Rossi’s pre-fall collection made me do a double-take.  I don’t even like patchwork but these patchwork suede sandals are everything.


Photo: Capretto Shoes

Wishlist Wednesday – Nicholas Kirkwood Pearl Wedge Sandals

This week’s Wishlist Wednesday pick has become a staple on the red carpet and for good reason.  Nicholas Kirkwood’s Pearl Wedge sandals somehow manage to be equally playful and sophisticated at the same time.   There are several iterations of this sandal but this suede and cork version is my absolute favorite.  I can’t think of a more perfect pair of shoes for summer parties and events.shoe-miracle-nicholas-kirkwood-pearl-wedge

 Photo: NicholasKirkwood.com



Photo: Getty Images

One major lesson to be learned from the Cannes Film Festival – never wear flats to a film screening. The Festival’s dress code requires men to wear black tie with black shoes and women wear fashionable footwear (which most obviously have interpreted to mean high heels).  Staffers enforced that strict dress code when they turned away a group of middle-aged women from the screening of “Carol” because they were wearing flats.

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Not my mother’s shoes

shoe-miracle-mothers-dayMother’s Day is bittersweet for me since my mother passed away. Most years, I hid under the covers praying for the day to end. Last year, I decided I would begin a new tradition by doing something to honor my mom on Mother’s Day.  So I decided this year I would do a blog post dedicated to my mom. When I think about my mom and shoes, I can’t help but think about the many times she saw my shoes and remarked “I don’t know how you can wear those things.”  You see, since I discovered heels my average heel has ranged from 3-4 inches easily.  Frankly, they are not shoes my mother would ever wear even in her younger years.  It’s not that she did not appreciate shoes and looking good. She certainly did.  But, as she got older her shoes tended to be more on the sensible side.  Honestly, if the heels were more than an inch and a half I would be shocked. Continue reading

Wishlist Wednesday – Balmain Sandals

I have been stalking these shoes since they hit the runway last September.  I think I am most in love with the color.  I have always loved mustard yellow.  But beyond the color, they are simply sexy.  I mean sexy is Balmain’s specialty.  Unfortunately, I can’t find these shoes anywhere in any store on online shop which frankly is a real bummer.  Sometimes runway items don’t make it to production.  I pray that was not the fate of these shoes.  In the meantime, they are still nice to look at and dream about.


Christian Louboutin’s expanded Nudes Collection has arrived at Bergdorf Goodman


Awhile back Christian Louboutin announced that they were expanding the range of nude shoes offered.  This makes total sense given that the women who wear their shoes are an array of colors.  Well the expanded collection has finally arrived at Bergdorf Goodman this week. The nudes collection is available in the So Kate, the Ibiza Half d’Orsay and the Pigalle Follies.  I for one can’t wait to check them out in person.

Saks Friends & Family sale has started!

shoe-miracle-saks-friends-and-familyThe Saks Friends & Family sale has started today.  Normally, shoppers could expect to save 20% or 25% off on clothing, shoes and handbags during the Friends & Family sale.  However, Saks is offering shoppers 30% off this go around.  Either they are feeling really generous or sales have been kind of slow.  I would put my money on the latter.  But, who cares…I will take 30% off any day. There are more designer exclusions this go around but there are still some great shoe deals to be had.  Sale is going on in stores or online.  Happy Shopping!

Spring has sprung….finally!

Spring has definitely sprung in NYC and I couldn’t be happier.  The whole week has been simply beautiful.  I just pray that it lasts because I am already thinking about all of the shoes I want to wear.  There are so many.  If you don’t believe me just take a look at my Pinterest account.  Anyways, I thought it would be better to start off with the pumps I would love to break out.

shoe-miracle-christian-louboutin-so-kate-python-pump                   Christian Louboutin So Kate Pump –  Bergdorf Goodman

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Amazon acquires technology startup Shoefitr

imageAmazon, Inc. recently acquired tech startup Shoefitr, Inc.  Shoefitr, Inc. started in 2010 and based in Pittsburgh, is an online fitting platform that shows customers how a shoe fits and recommends a shoe size.  Shoefitr uses 3D technology which scans the inside of a shoe and tells shoppers how a particular shoe will fit and recommends the best fit.  Shoppers are also able enter in a particular shoe and the technology can recommend shoes with a similar fit.

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