Wishlist Wednesday – Chanel Espadrilles

Yes today’s wish list pick is another pair of espadrilles. In my defense, I did tell you guys last week that I could literally buy a pair for each day of the week and then some. But these have to be the mother of all espadrilles. Ever since I saw this pic, I have been trying to rationalize how these shoes can be mine. I was also reminded that I need to figure out how I to get myself an alligator farm. I have been dreaming about opening an alligator farm ever since I read about a sustainable one in Bloomberg Magazine a few years ago. Yes I read Bloomberg magazine (I used to work in finance so don’t judge me) and yes, I actually dream about owning an alligator farm. Having an alligator farm would solve so many problems for me. But I digress. I so want, need and love these Chanel espadrilles.


Wishlist Wednesday – Chloe Suede Espadrilles

The last few days in New York City have felt like the early days of summer.   Which I couldn’t be happier about.  However, I am in my second week of a foot peel in preparation for sandal weather which means no open toe shoes for me.  That’s where the espadrilles come in.  Espadrilles are hot this season and there are so many to choose from that I literally could buy a pair for every day of the summer.  That is not an option but I will be adding to these Chloe suede espadrilles to my collection.shoe-miracle-chloe-flo-espadrille

Wishlist Wednesday – Balmain Sandals

I have been stalking these shoes since they hit the runway last September.  I think I am most in love with the color.  I have always loved mustard yellow.  But beyond the color, they are simply sexy.  I mean sexy is Balmain’s specialty.  Unfortunately, I can’t find these shoes anywhere in any store on online shop which frankly is a real bummer.  Sometimes runway items don’t make it to production.  I pray that was not the fate of these shoes.  In the meantime, they are still nice to look at and dream about.


Wishlist Wednesday – Manolo Blahnik Kahika Bootie

I have never been a fan of open-toe or cut-out booties.  Mostly because, I just didn’t get the notion of booties that are not really booties.  After seeing these floral cut-out booties by Manolo Blahnik, I get it now.  The only thing really left to say is please and thank you.

shoe-miracle-manolo-blahnik-kahika-sandal Photo: Bergdorf Goodman

Wishlist Wednesday – Gianvito Rossi Suede Tapered Sandals

So I went to Duke and we won the NCAA championship this week.  Duke fans are really annoying in that we ride or die with our school no matter what.  So this week I have been wearing as much blue as possible and celebrating my alma mater.  This is our 5th championship win so I thought that this week’s Wishlist Wednesday pick should be a fierce pair of blue shoes just like Duke’s basketball team.   These Gianvito Rossi Cobalt Blue Suede Tapered Sandals do not disappoint.   They are simply amazing and of course they are Duke blue.  Enjoy!


Source: Bergdorf Goodman

Wishlist Wednesday – Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals

Aquazzura strikes again.  Every time  I see a picture of these shoes or anyone wearing them I can’t help but to start drooling.  I think these are by far some of the sexiest sandals that I have seen in a really long time and am not really sure why.  It could be the fringe or the tassels or simply the poppy red color.   Whatever it is, I love them and won’t be happy until they take up residence in my closet.


Wishlist Wednesday – Gianvito Rossi Mules

Mules are back.  I still remember when I bought my first mules back when I first moved to NYC.   It nearly killed me to get rid of them but all great love affairs must come to end.  Well mules are back and I needed to make room in my closet for new things plus they weren’t quite in anymore.  Well mules are back and they are sexier than ever.  I have been lusting over this pair from Gianvito Rossi for quite some time now.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Source: Shoescribe.com

Wishlist Wednesday – Brian Atwood Yuna Sandal

Brian Atwood’s hashtag of choice is #thesexisintheheel.  I can’t think of a shoe that is more befitting of this hashtag other than Atwood’s very own Yuna sandal.  The sandal is available in several colors but my favorite is the camel color which is available at Net-a-Porter.  I am bummed that they are not available in my size because they would be worth the investment.  The rope detail with the leather fan-like detail at the end makes me swoon every time I look at them.  One of my biggest complaints is that there are not Brian Atwood shoes made in a size 41.  So I guess I will just have to wear these shoes in my dreams.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy drooling over them as much as I do.


Wishlist Wednesday  – Aquazurra Chain Link Sandals

Sunshine really is the best medicine for the soul. At least it is for me being a summer baby and all.   If the sun is not shining where you are do yourself a favor and get these yellow chain link yellow Aquazurra sandals.   Heck, even if the sun is shining where you are buy these sandals!  I guarantee they will be all the sunshine you need and will make you feel as if you are lying out with the sun beaming down on your face.  and who doesn’t need that feeling.